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American Lives

Cemeteries Index


Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia, by Laurie Stevens
Organised by US state in alphabetical order
Photo © Laurie Stevens


Photo focus St Augustine Huguenots:
Opened in 1821 for yellow fever victims, and closed in 1884 to all burials



Photo focus Crowley Cemetery:
A lost cemetery of which only the initial core part survives, now as a raised mausoleum

Photo focus Gilbert Cemetery:
Gilbert Cemetery was destroyed 'by persons unknown in the late 1950s'

Photo focus Mount Olive Cemetery:
On the northern edge of Atlanta's Frankie Allen Park lies a neglected burial ground

Video Oakland Cemetery:
Introducing Oakland Cemetery, which lays at the heart of the modern city of Atlanta, Georgia

New York

Photo focus Sleepy Hollow:
'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' turned a modest cemetery into a tourist attraction