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American Lives

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Yosemite National Park, California, by Laurie Stevens
Organised by US state in alphabetical order
Photo © Laurie Stevens


Los Angeles

Photo focus Angels Flight Railway:
Angels Flight continues to operate today for a fare of a dollar each way


US National Parks

Video Yosemite:
This short video introduces a few wonderful glimpses of Yosemite National Park

Video Yosemite:
This wonderful US national park is one of the oldest in the entire country



Photo focus City of Lake Mary:
Incorporated in 1973, but formed of two smaller settlements in the 1800s




Photo focus Decatur:
Visit Decatur, county seat of DeKalb County on the eastern flank of the city of Atlanta

Photo focus Marta:
Visiting Atlanta's Marta rail transit system in more detail

Photo focus Urban Highlights:
Looking at oddities, leftovers, and historical remnants around the urban environment


Historic Districts

Photo focus Warm Springs:
Franklin D Roosevelt came to Warm Springs in 1924 in the hope of recovering from polio



Historic Districts

Photo focus The Whitney Plantation:
The Whitney Plantation was established in 1752 on the Mississippi's west bank


New York

New York City

Photo focus NYC's East Village:
East Village has been a home of choice for a wide variety of people

Photo focus NYC's Morgan Library:
The Morgan Library is one of the great cultural repositories in the western hemisphere



Photo focus JFK Assassination Site:
Dallas is the city in which President John F Kennedy was assassinated in 1963