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American Lives

Structural Index


The Jeremiah S Gilbert House, Atlanta, Georgia, by Laurie Stevens
Organised by US state in alphabetical order
Photo © Laurie Stevens


US National Parks

Photo focus Alcatraz (Exterior):
Alcatraz Island, a long-time prison which was also known as 'The Rock'

Photo focus Alcatraz (Interior):
The inmates of Alcatraz had a regimented life, but a good one, if they behaved



Photo focus Berlin Wall Fragment:
A small slice of the Berlin Wall survives today in Orlando, FL

Photo focus Slavia:
The former gas station and general store of the ghost town of Slavia

Small Towns

Photo focus Fort Christmas:
A town sprang up around an 1830s US Army base, leaving a couple of historical gems



Atlanta Buildings

Photo focus Index:
Taking a detailed look at Atlanta's buildings and their individual histories

Photo focus Full Tour:
Start the full tour of Atlanta's buildings by visiting Part 1 of this ongoing series

Atlanta Hotels & Motels

Photo focus Americana Motor Hotel:
A hotel in Downtown Atlana which has strong connections to the civil rights movement

Photo focus Atlanta Central Travelodge:
Built in the mid-1960s, this location served the north-south highway traffic

Photo focus Atlanta Marriott Motor Hotel:
This motor hotel was a very big deal at the time of its ribbon-cutting in 1965


Atlanta Pioneers

Photo focus AHC's Wood Cabin:
Originally a pioneer log cabin and then a kitchen wing!

Photo focus The Gilbert House:
This famous Atlantan house was built in open grounds in 1868

Lost Atlanta

Photo focus Fulton County Stadium:
Built in 1965, demolished in 1997, this was very much of its brief time