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Oakland Cemetery (Georgia)

by Laurie Stevens, 23 July 2021

This introduction to Oakland Cemetery covers the spacious grounds of the cemetery which lies at the heart of the modern city of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

When the initial 2.43 hectare site (six acres) was first laid out in 1850 the city was on its western flank. That city has expanded greatly to surround it on all sides now. Today it encompasses a total of 19.4 hectares (forty-eight acres), and is the final resting place for seventy thousand Atlantans. It is named for the many oak trees within its boundaries, with the grounds being maintained today by the Historic Oakland Foundation in partnership with the City of Atlanta.

Main Credits

Written, filmed, and presented by historian Laurie Stevens

Video post-production by Kessler Associates

Sound effects and background audio enhancements provided by Timbre via Freesound

Other Sources

Atlanta History Center

City of Atlanta

Historic Oakland Foundation

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